Project Description



On a venture to turn over a new leaf and break away from their past misdemeanours, Ah Hu and his 3 other cell mates set up a new F&B venture selling Japanese ramen. But being ex- convicts hinder their success and their inability to fit in with society lands them in numerous comical situations. Their clumsiness ultimately causes the business to flounder. Unwilling to give up the good fight and believing that change will bring about a solution, the four friends come up with a new idea; a 3-in-1 tuition center for students that also provides F&B and massage services for their parents.

Good times don’t last when Ah Hu’s nemesis, Di Tie kidnaps his estranged son. Having sworn never to fall back to the path of wrongdoing, it’s down to Ah Hu and his friends to save his son without weapons, alerting the cops, and breaking the law. So begins a daring yet entertaining rescue mission.