Cornerstone Pictures is the brainchild of several investors who saw the immediate potential of feature films in the Singapore market. The aim is to engage audience on the most intimate level with hopes of assimilating great stories in their everyday lives.

With an extensive network of experienced and talented Directors / Production team available to clients, Cornerstone Pictures is confident to deliver the highest quality work with excellence. We aspire to grow the local movie industry by creating opportunities to team up Singaporean actors and directors with overseas talents so as to further and widen the audience reach where possible, tapping into new markets to enhance growth and recognition. We will also strive to cover the widest possible range of genres and to meet demands on any platforms, highlighting and addressing the common social issues through stories with positive morale.


The Ultimate Winner

Director: Li Nanxing
Cast: Li Nanxing, Constance Song, Andy Chen, Rebecca Lim, Dai Yang Tian

Ah Boys To Men 1

Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Wang Wei Liang, Tosh Zhang


Director: Steve Cheng
Cast: Liu Kai Chi, Li Nanxing, Chiang Tsu Ping, Ian Fang, Edwin Goh

My Dog Dou Dou

Director: Ng Say Yong
Cast: Jason Wong, Ivan Lo, Flapper the dog.

We Not Naughty

Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Daniel Chan, Xiang Yun, Eric Moo, Roy Li

Ah Boys To Men 2

Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Wang Wei Liang, Tosh Zhang

That Girl in Pinafore

Director: Chai Yee Wei
Cast: Daren Tan, Julie Tan, Hayley Woo, Jayley Woo, Kenny Khoo, Seah Jiaqing, Kelvin Mun.

Wayang Boy

Director: Raymond Tan
Cast: Michelle Yin, Law Kar Ying, Chua Enlai, Chantel Liu, Kym Ng, Bobby Tonelli, Suhaimi Yusof

ATM (Hong Kong)

Director: Kenne Yam
Cast: Kelvin Kwan, Joanne Yew, C-Kwan, Ha Yu, Stanley Fung, Lo Hoi-pang, Paw Hee Ching

Long Long Time Ago 1 & Long Long Time Ago 2

Director: Jack Neo
Cast: Mark Lee, Aileen Tan, Wang Lei

Wonder Boy

Director: Dick Lee, Daniel Yam
Cast: Benjamin Kheng, Julie Tan, Chen Yixi, Constance Song

Lucky Boy

Director: Boris Boo
Cast: Wang Weiliang, Venus Wong, Chew Chor Meng, Chen Xiu Huan

Turn Around (Taiwan)

Director: Chen Tapu
Cast: Jay Shih, Kimi Hsia

The Fortune Handbook

Director: Kelvin Sng
Cast: Li Nanxing, Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Vivian Lai

Take 2

Director: Ivan Ho
Cast: Ryan Lian, Wang Lei, Maxi Lim, Gadrick Chin, Chen Tianwen